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Dietitians of New England (DONE), is administered by a select group of registered dietitians who collectively provide expertise in specialized areas of nutrition, wellness, fitness, and general health communication. We provide a reliable resource for quality, research-based nutrition information, as well as interventions for disease prevention and general health. You can trust that our content is comprehensive and timely and upholds the integrity of our editorial process.

altWe believe that overall health and well-being is not a destination, but a journey.  While goals do need to be set and accomplished, we strive to help you continually improve and maintain your overall good health and wellness. We believe that a change in lifestyle - and not a single weight loss plan or herbal supplement that promises quick results, provides the most successful approach to achieving a state of good health and wellness.

Each topic provides general information on nutrition and health and will be updated on an ongoing basis as new research findings are reported. We believe that these guidelines can be followed by anyone that fits the specific population discussed. However, you will note that at the end of each article we direct you to 'Ask an Expert' or suggest that you meet with a registered dietitian. The reason for this is that everyone has individual needs based on their background, medical status, lifestyle, activity level, etc. It is important that all of these parameters are taken into consideration when developing a nutrition and lifestyle plan that works specifically for you. No website can give anyone a specific plan that works for all.

'Ask the Experts' is the area where you can ask individual questions. Keep in mind that our experts will provide general guidance or information, but we will still recommend that you make an appointment with a registered dietitian who can better evaluate your specific nutritional needs.

Each topic will be updated on an ongoing basis as new research findings come out. We hope you enjoy the articles!