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If you have diabetes…you are not alone.  Diabetes is an epidemic and currently affects more than 26 million Americans and more than alt230 million people worldwide. 

Uncontrolled diabetes is the 5th leading cause of death and the number one cause of blindness in the United States. Uncontrolled diabetes can cause kidney failure, stroke, heart attacks, nerve damage, an increased risk of infection, amputations, as well as other complications.  Health experts predict that this disease will continue to grow and the complications associated with this disease will also grow if nothing is done.  That’s the bad news… the good news is that people with diabetes have several options today that were not available even five years ago and diabetes has become one of the most treatable diseases our country faces today.  People who control their diabetes are now living longer, healthier lives with minimal complications.  You can live a full life with diabetes by making small, healthy changes each day.

The internet has a large variety of websites that offer help for people living with diabetes.  Some offer accurate information and some do not. The purpose of this website is to help simplify some of this data and give you simple tips for taking better control of your diabetes.  This site will also provide you with updates in the world of diabetes and will provide you with additional on-line resources that you can trust.