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Although there is no universally accepted definition of wellness, wellness is generally defined as a state of well-being with emphasis on health and disease prevention.

Well-being is a whole body approach including nutrition, physical, and spiritual components.  Each one seems separate but all are deeply interconnected.alt


There isn’t any one food, one diet, one pill, or one single approach to whole body wellness. To successfully reach and maintain a healthy weight goal and a sense of well-being, you need to embrace a change in lifestyle.

The most substantial stumbling block to achieving your health goals is in understanding the process of how to successfully reach them. This process is made more difficult by the overwhelming amount of nutrition and health advice available, including the misinformation that may harm rather than benefit your health.

Fitness is also an essential component of achieving your health goal and must also be included in any healthy lifestyle plan. Exercise has so many more health benefits besides just having a fit body. It stimulates chemicals in our brain that leave you happier and more relaxed. It lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, boosts your energy level, and promotes better sleep. Exercise lets you think and feel better.

Diet, balanced nutrition, and food choices have an immense impact on all aspects of wellness. Throughout this site you will learn about health-promoting foods and proper nutrition to guide you on your way to complete wellness!