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If you are a true food lover then this section is for you.  Here you will learn about all of the sensational foods you should be eating every day.

While there is no single food that will cure all diseases or bring about the fountain of youth, culinary combinations of these gloriousalt foods can create delicious dishes that nourish our bodies and our minds.

A true food lover appreciates that good food is nature-made rather than pre-packaged or picked up at the drive-thru window.  What would Thanksgiving be without roasted sweet potatoes, candied baby carrots, or a homemade pie baked with apples hand-picked at the orchard just days before? Or how about a bowl of seafood chowder or lobster stew while visiting the shore, and can’t you feel your eyes water as the waft of garlic greets you at the door of an Italian restaurant? With such good foods come wonderful memories that we carry with us throughout our lifetime.

And the best part about all of these great foods is that they are gifts that our bountiful planet generously provides us with everyday. Fruits, grains, nuts, beans, vegetables, meats, and fish are filled with nutrients that are the essence of sustaining a healthy body and a healthy life. With the right combination of these foods, and a sprinkling of fresh seasonings, it’s not hard to imagine that good taste and good health can be beautiful partners.

So why are we becoming less healthy if food is so good for us? Probably because we are eating less of the natural foods our earth provides and more commercially packaged foods. Traditional cuisines from cultures such as Greek, Asian, African, Middle Eastern, Indian, and Italian, use whole foods and herbs and spices in their cooking. We, too, need to get back to basics of eating natural, unprocessed and unrefined foods. Here you will learn about foods that are the most highly nutritious, the nutrients they provide, and the ways these super foods nourish our entire body.